About EG’s Survey Program


For over 20 years Employers Group’s Research Department has produced 5 annual reports covering hourly nonexempt to executive & mid-management classifications, and practices & benefits. Using only the most trusted methods for data collection, EG’s annual surveys are the industry standard for salary surveys. Contribute to our surveys and be a part of both Californian regional and US data.


Employers Group Membership Benefit:

As valued members of Employers Group, we provide three surveys free with your membership: the Executive & Mid-Management Survey, HR Budgets & Human Capital Benchmark Survey, and Regional Wage (nonexempt) Survey. For more information on becoming an EG member, click here.

Surveys Currently Open for Participation:

  • The Professional & Sales Personnel Compensation Survey collects data on administrative and sales (non-management) positions in the state of California. The survey covers information relative to base salary, salary ranges, and additional compensation and features 84 classifications across 13 functional categories and across 13 geographic areas. Click here for more information on becoming a participant. Use our interactive search tool to search our list of classifications, click here.

 Surveys we Produce:

This survey encompasses data submitted by California firms for over 156 statewide nonexempt surveyed classifications. The survey covers base salary, bonus/incentive compensation, total compensation, and salary ranges. Extensive analysis by counties. Geographic differentials and aging/maturing formulas are also included. Click here for a list of classifications. This survey contains data on 68 Professional (administrative & sales) non-management positions. The survey covers all information relative to base, salary ranges, and additional compensation. Geographic differentials and aging/maturing formulas are also included. Click here for a list of classifications. This survey includes detailed compensation data for 39 Executive and 147 mid-management classifications. The survey results for each position include current base salary, bonus and other cash compensation, total compensation, salary ranges, and actual versus targeted bonuses.Click here for a list of classifications. This survey is our annual measure of actual and projected salary budget increases and labor forecasts from California firms. Survey features: Actual & Projected Salary Increases, Structure Adjustments, Turnover, Recruitment Projections, Staffing Projections, Holiday Schedules/Paid Holidays, and Business/Employment Outlook.  This survey presents compensation data and policies and practices submitted by firms of varying sizes, geographic locations, and industries for 157 jobs, including Software Engineers, Systems Administrators, Web Masters, Project Leaders, Mechanical Engineers, etc. Click here for a list of classifications.


For a faster, more convenient way, use our interactive search tool to view our list of classifications:


 Benefits of Participation:

“SmartComp” Market Analysis
  • View a customized comparison of your company’s compensation data to the current market
  • Easily sorted by average base, salary ranges, or percentage differences for locating just what you need
  • Look over the market job descriptions compared to your own job title
Online Survey Library
  • Access to Your Survey Reports, downloadable as an eBook/PDF and Excel Spreadsheet
  • Check out the Job Descriptions for over 750 Hourly, Professional, Sales, and IT & Engineering jobs, available as a downloadable document
QuickComp Database
  • Now easier to locate survey compensation data!
  • Locate specific wages and salary ranges sorted by survey edition, functional area, and geographic location






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