Human Resources Practices & Benefits Survey


The Human Resources Practices & Benefits Survey covers 21 comprehensive HR topics. The report will be available online as an interactive and live updating online form, allowing you to not only easily reference the most current data from day to day, but also allow survey participants to update data at any time! 

Topics Include:

Alternate Work Schedule 
Auto Mileage Reimbursement
Bereavement/ Funeral Leave 
Employee Educational Assistance
Group Long-Term Disability Insurance
Group Term Life Insurance
Jury Duty Pay
Lead Personnel Wage Differential
Paid-Time Off Plans
Part-Time Employee Benefits
Pension Plan: Defined Benefit
Profit-Sharing Plans
Relocation Policies
Sick Leave/ Disability, Salary Continuation
Vacation Practices, Traditional Plan 
401(k) Plans
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Participation OPEN Now

No survey deadline, participate in the survey at any time! Once you participate, you will be able to edit and update your company’s information anytime to keep a current record of your HR policies and benefits. Survey Participation Benefits:

  • Human Resources Practices and Benefits Survey Report
  • Comparative Market Analysis for your organization
  • Access to our Online Compensation Database  which includes job descriptions and salary ranges 1,000+ jobs in hourly, professional, sales, IT,  engineering, and more
  • Access to all current survey results in our Online Survey Library

Participate in the full survey now!

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