Terms of Service


Beginning May of 2013, access to Employers Group published surveys is available via Employers Group’s Compensation Portal.

Companies who contribute data to EG’s Compensation Program and Benefits Surveys have access to EG’s Compensation Portal.  Through the contribution of data and payment of specific fees, users obtain access to the following services:

  1. “SmartComp” Market Analysis Report – Review company’s compensation levels against current market rates.
  2. Online Compensation Database – Search EG’s Compensation Database for the most current pay information for over 750 classifications.
  3. Online Survey Library – View and download all published compensation reports, individual company access is based on a company’s participation or purchase history since 2009.


Participation Fees

Participation fees are based on a sliding-scale (the more you participate, the lower the fees) and set on:

(1) A company’s participation and purchase history over the last twelve months.

(2) Based on active membership with Employers Group.

The services provided through EG’s Compensation Portal are based on a sliding fee schedule.  This fee schedule is based on a company’s current standing in the compensation program and when the company most recently submitted compensation data.

The sliding-scale fees are as follows:

  Members Non-Members
Participation or purchase of last two surveys $55 $125
Participation or purchase of the last survey $129 $225
No participation nor purchase of the last two surveys $295 $395

Companies may also purchase individual (single) surveys or the entire set of surveys via a survey suite.


The information provided by survey participants is considered confidential and proprietary. We will hold the information in strict confidence and shall not use it for purposed other than assembling the survey report.

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