Geographic Compensation Report


The Geographic Compensation Report (GEO) is a report that provides estimated market levels from our 4 compensation surveys. As a result, our report provides clients with the most comprehensive compensation data available and reflects an ever-changing US compensation market.

Our reports are representative of any labor market and industry in the U.S.  


Geographic Differential Reports

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Detroit, MI: 44.653024, -82.001953
Burnsville, MN: 44.767742, -93.277723
Dallas, Texas: 32.780140, -96.800451
El Cajon, CA: 32.794773, -116.962527
Mukilteo, WA: 47.944540, -122.304581
Foothill Ranch, CA: 33.683183, -117.666431
Rockledge, FL: 28.325000, -80.732778
Turlock, CA: 37.494657, -120.846594
Greenwood, IN: 39.613658, -86.106653
Branford, CT: 41.279903, -72.814119
Orland, CA: 39.747380, -122.196375
Phoenix, AZ: 33.448377, -112.074037
San Bernardino, CA: 34.108345, -117.289765
Salisbury, NC: 35.670973, -80.474226
Ukiah, CA: 39.150171, -123.207783
Eureka, CA: 40.802071, -124.163673
Murrieta, CA: 33.553914, -117.213923
Gardena, CA: 33.888349, -118.308962
Newton, MA: 42.337041, -71.209221
Lawrenceville, NJ: 40.277805, -74.729431
West Chester, OH: 39.332126, -84.417267
St. Louis Park, MN: 44.959738, -93.370219
Kansas City, MO: 39.099727, -94.578567
Richland, WA: 46.285691, -119.284462
Memphis, TN: 35.149534, -90.048980
Bismarck, ND: 46.808327, -100.783739
Albany, NY: 42.652579, -73.756232
Cleveland, OH: 41.499320, -81.694361
Norfolk, VA: 36.850769, -76.285873
Toledo, OH: 41.663938, -83.555212
Knoxville, TN: 35.960638, -83.920739
Shoreview, MN: 45.079133, -93.147167
Birmingham, AL: 33.520661, -86.802490


How to use a Geographic Compensation Report?

  • Estimating compensation market levels for 900+ classifications
  • Determining salary structures in different locations
  • Individual adjustments to base salaries
  • Supplemental geographic differential payments

Report Features

  • Select any of our 4 job classification groups to customize your data
  • Create your own user-defined area representative of the labor market (zip code, counties, or region)
  • Select your industry
  • Compensation data is reported by: Pay Range and Estimated Ranges
  • Estimated Pay Range: Approximated wages being paid for the area noted in the report.
    • Low – Value in an arrayal of which twenty-five percent (25%) of the sample falls below and seventy-five percent (75%) of the sample falls above.
    • Average – Weighted average of the wages being paid.
    • High – Value in an arrayal of which twenty-five percent (25%) of the sample falls above and seventy-five percent (75%) of the sample falls below.
  • Estimated Ranges: These figures represent the estimated formal range structures for the area noted in the report.
    • Minimum – Lowest wage at which an employee is usually paid.
    • Midpoint – The “mid-value” between the minimum and maximum.
    • Maximum – Highest wage at which an employee is usually paid.

 View a Geographic Differential Compensation Report Sample here


4 Job Classification Categories- Select one classification from Group A-D per report

A.   Hourly / Nonexempt – Covers 200 Job Classifications in

Finance/Accounting, Payroll, Credit & Purchasing, Customer Service, General Office, Human Resources, Departmental Staff, Administrative/Secretarial, Sales & Marketing, Computer Operations, General,  Maintenance, Stocking & Inventory, Shipping/Receiving, Drivers, Warehouse/Material Handling, Production, & Technicians.


B.   Professional & Sales (Administrative & Sales Non Management) – Covers 140 Job Classifications in:

Finance/Accounting, Legal, Banking, Human Resources, General Services, Creative Media, Production / Logistics, Science & Research, Sales Management, Outside & Inside Sales, and Customer Service.


C.  Executive and Mid-Management – Covers 147 Job Classifications in:

General Management, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Administrative & Office Services, Marketing & Sales Support, Customer Service & Call Center, Engineering & Technical, Material, Warehouse, and Manufacturing, Production, Assembly & Processing, Skilled Craft (Production Inspection) Inspection, Maintenance, Production & Operations Management.


D.   Information Technology & Engineering – Covers 225 Job Descriptions: 

IT: Management, Applications Systems Analysis & Programming, Applications Programming, Operating Systems Programming, Application Systems Analysis, Developers, Database Management & Development (RDBMS), Network Operations/Administration, Professional IT, Telecommunication Services, Mobile Application Developer, & Web-based Operations.  Engineers: Aeronautical, Bio, Chemical, Civil, Electrical/Electronics, Environmental,  Industrial, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Software, Hardware, Telecommunications, Production/Processing, Facilities, Quality, Safety, Research & Development, Supervisor, Manager, Director, Vice President, Designer, and Senior Designer.




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We also have Functional Surveys available –  These reports are a conglomeration of job classifications and are designed for the user wishing to review compensation data for specific sets of functional groupings over a wide range of classification levels.
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