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Let Employers Group help you define your Employee Engagement Strategies

To build an effective engagement strategy, employers should understand how employees view and feel about where they work, what motivates them, and what values they hold high.  Moreover, if you would like to build an engaged workforce, Employers Group offers a simple, but powerful tool: An Online Employee Opinion Survey.

Is an online Employee Opinion Survey right for your organization?

An Employee Opinion Survey is used to assess an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and employee morale.  Altogether, with our tools,  you can start the process to develop an effective and engaging management program, prepare the organization for change, and understand what employees value in their work life.

EG’s online survey covers a variety of topics:

1. Engagement 7. Quality and Productivity
2. Working Conditions 8. Policies and Practices
3. Supervisory Effectiveness – Management Skills 9. Employee Development and Recognition
4. Supervisory Effectiveness – People Skills 10. Quality of Work Life
5. Communication 11. Reaction to the Survey
6. Compensation and Benefits 12. Management Effectiveness

For more information — View the  Online Employee Opinion Survey Program Guide

To review the statements included in the EOS, please contact surveys@employersgroup.com

 Member Benefit

Employers Group offers all new and renewing EG members one  Online EOS  per year ($1,600 value).  Features of this benefit:

  • Custom built online survey within 3-5 business days of registration
  • Confidential and anonymous online data collection
  • Online company participation tracking and report access
  • Employee communication templates

The membership benefit covers the basic survey package with the following customization features:

  • 88 statements (included within 12 dimensions)
  • Up to 2 open ended questions
  • 2 breakout identification options
  • Password protected participant link option
  • Basic data analysis with breakout by identification options


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Additional Advisory and Support Services 

Your first EOS? You may need some additional help as you set-up your EOS. With this basic support package, we provide guidance on selecting your survey topics, identifying the breakout options that best fit your organization, crafting open ended questions for your survey goals. Additional advisory services and support start at $175.

Want to better understand differences between your employee population? At the beginning of the survey, you have the option of asking your employees’ identification questions to help you better understand your employees’ opinions within the organization. These questions allow you to identify opinions by a group of employees, not individual employees. Additional breakout groupings start at $175.

Need expert advising on your EOS results? We offer additional advisory services, inclusive of a 20-minute consultative call with recommendations and insights on your results. Also included, is a top level analysis and report for you to utilize as you create your action plan and share with your management team. Additional survey analysis and consultation starts at $750.


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