Compensation Solutions

Define, align, and develop a compensation solution program for your unique needs. 

Our best compensation practices are based on research and analysis of real data on compensation and benefit practices. Employers Group’s Compensation Consultants create and sustain a variety of consulting services, from simple market pricing and analysis to more in depth total rewards plans to cover compensation and benefits costs. Creating a competitive compensation and benefits package boosts employee morale and retention, as well as attracts future employees. At Employers Group, our consultants understand your needs and can help your company plan an effective strategy to meet your goals.


All of our compensation solutions are customized and tailored to specifications from each company. We do not use off-the-shelf solutions but establish packages specific to each company.

  • Assess total labor investment, market price it and evaluate any changes needed.
  • Accommodate a plan to meet the organization’s talent, labor and financial goals, as well as strategic goals and mission.
  • Restructure or rearrange the total HR costs and financial commitments to plans and programs that yield a higher HR ROI.
  • Our compensation practices are based on research and analysis of real data on compensation and benefits practices.
  • Supplement your compensation package through a variety of HR assessment tools such as employee opinion or engagement surveys, organizational culture surveys and performance appraisals.



Sample Engagements

Multi-state food distributor, $250 million in sales, 90 Employees

  • Needs: Document and advance an upgrade to current program, including base compensation for hourly, executives, and sales force; design a competitive sales compensation strategy; cost analysis of employee benefit program.
  • Services provided: A Total Rewards Cost Analysis, restructured the company’s compensation program and introduced a market driven bonus program, advanced internal and external equity strategies to alleviated low employee moral; articulated all costs within the organization’s ROI needs.

Non-profit Agency, $8 million operating budget, 95 Employees

  • Needs: To meet federal funding guidelines, audit the agency’s compensation program, conduct a job evaluation, and market price staff and executive positions through a custom industry-specific compensation survey.
  • Services: Benefits Cost Analysis, job evaluation, custom survey of 250 agencies with 56 respondents; provided a detailed report of custom analysis of executive compensation practices and guidelines.

350 employee non-profit agency; $45 million operating budget

  • Needs: To meet federal guidelines for pay practices, estimate the existing pay levels for 45 positions (including executives) within the agency’s labor market.
  • Services: Designed online and hardcopy questionnaire customized to agency’s job descriptions; identified 250 agencies within the targeted labor market and executed a survey; outreach efforts for maximum participation in survey included several phone calls, emails, etc. leading to 60 participants and a detailed report which the agency introduced to federal agencies as evidence of existing market conditions.

550 employee manufacturing company, $75 million in revenue

  • Needs: Complete overhaul of the organization’s compensation program, including job evaluation, market pricing, total rewards cost analysis, pay strategy, evaluation of employee benefit program, employee utilization census analysis, and introduction of new plan to match the organization’s key talent pool and skill set.
  • Services: Total Rewards Strategy, face-to-face meetings with executive team and all key managers; benchmarked the organization’s benefit and HR programs, extracted total labor costs, and measured company’s employee investment via EG’s proprietary set of HR metrics. Implemented this as a long-term solution and recommended a total rewards strategy to allow the company to fund employee’s payroll to meet market levels and reduce their labor costs $200k (by modifying their existing employee leave program); included training modules and administrative support to implement recommended changes.



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