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2016 National IT & Engineering Compensation Survey


You’re invited to participate in our latest salary survey, the 2016 National Information Technology & Engineering Compensation Survey. This annual survey reports national salary, benefits and practices data for 177 IT and engineering classifications, allowing companies to get timely market data to keep their wages competitive in both the local and national labor markets.

Participation in this salary survey is as easy as submitting a company employee census. Employers Group saves you time, by matching submitted company titles to the surveyed titles.

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More About the Survey & Report:

IT and Engineering Salary Compensation Survey: About the Survey

177 Surveyed Classifications—View Classifications


IT & Engineering Compensation and Benefits Micro Surveys

Employers Group’s HR Micro Surveys are set up to give you the data you need to benchmark your HR policies quickly and at no cost. Participation is fast and simple – take any of our micro surveys and get the free topic report once you submit the survey. The following are specific to our IT & Engineering classifications:

Promotional Increases, Salary Increases and Staffing

Employee Referrals, Compensatory Time-Off and Overtime Practices

Recruitment / Retention Techniques

Alternative Pay Strategies – Website Operations

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