Top 4 Topics: HR Budgets and Human Capital Benchmark Survey

Topics include actual/ projected wages, project wage structure adjustments, annual employee turnover, projected 2016 holidays and more!

  1. Maintain Competitive Wages

Top-performing employees can fuel the growth of the organization through their unwavering commitment to the company’s core goals. The proper recognition of these top employees is critical in acknowledging an employee’s contribution to the growth of the organization.  EG’s report can help you track the most current pay increase trends so you can project competitive pay increases to keep and motivate your top-performers.

  1. Gain Better Business Intelligence

Our human capital metrics provide you with one of the most important benchmarks you can use in evaluating your employees and their worth to your organization. With a clear understanding of your metrics and how they compare to competitors, you can work to achieve the maximum outputs from your human capital, while remaining competitive in your industry. Though often overlooked, human capital metrics are critical to improving your business intelligence and establishing a clear line of sight on how employee activity impacts your financials.

  1. Plan Your 2016 Holidays

A well-balanced paid time-off program is a critical component of your organization’s benefits package.  Our report collects and reports benchmark practices on paid holidays and also the approximate valuation of paid-time off benefits per an employee. As flexible time-off practices become more commonplace, time-off costs also become more important to evaluate. Such an evaluation will provide insight as to whether you offer your employees a competitive benefits package for today’s market.

  1. Tackle High Employee Rates

Employee turnover is an important, but often feared topic when planning next year’s organizational costs. Having key knowledge of how your turnover rates compare to your industry is important. Since high turnover rates can prove costly to companies, it is important to determine your turnover rate and implement the right solutions to keep your turnover low and costs down.


The HR Budgets and Human Capital Benchmark Survey is the BEST tool for you as you begin planning for 2016! Take the HR Budgets Micro Survey here!


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