Whether you hope to recruit top talent or engage current employees in their work; an employee educational assistance program can be a great benefit to offer your employees. Many employers are hesitant to implement a tuition assistance program due to cost; however, it is important to acknowledge that you are not only gifting your employee, but also gifting your company. Through tuition assistance you are building a more highly skilled workforce for your company, bringing the competitive skills your company needs within its workforce to pursue growing business goals.

Recruiting Top Talent

Employee educational assistance programs can play a key role in your company’s ability to recruit top talent. Whether hiring new talent or recruiting experienced professionals, the promise of tuition assistance as employees pursue goals of further education is not something to be overlooked, and can play an important role as prospective talent weigh job offers.

Engage Current Employees

As we look at how to engage employees in the workplace, offering them skill based and professional certification courses is one great way to engage employees in the work they do, while also keeping their skills current.  Learning the newest software applications and marketing strategies gives employees an edge against competitors as well as increasing their work effectiveness and productivity.

As you begin evaluating your benefits package this holiday season, consider implementing an educational assistance benefit and making an investment in your employees and your company.

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