The Research Services Team here at Employers Group has created a new tool with your schedule in mind. Our brand new Micro Surveys have been designed to be a unique and convenient way to benchmark your company’s policies. Here are three thoughts you are bound to have while participating in our new Micro Surveys.

Alarm Clock

1. “Wait, I’m already done?”

Seriously, how many things can you say you have proudly completed in 2 minutes? In 2 minutes you could heat up last night’s leftovers, brush your teeth, sing half of your favorite song, OR you could participate in a Micro Survey and receive free data to help benchmark your policies.

2. “There’s no way this is really free”

When we say free we mean it! No catch, no fine print, when you participate in a Micro Survey you will receive a free report for that specific survey topic. The real question is, can you afford not to take these surveys?

3. “How can I take more of these?”

We can tell you that each Micro Survey will only take a couple minutes but we can’t promise you’ll want to stop at one. There’s no limit on how many of our Micro Surveys you can participate in, go nuts! Be on the lookout for weekly emails with new Micro Surveys or find a list of available surveys here.

Don’t wait any longer, participate in a Micro Survey today!

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