Flu Season peaks in January or February- but it can occur as early as October.

Protective measures

Sometimes no matter how much you prep, pray, or sanitize, you just can’t avoid getting sick. With so many people around us catching the “bug” plenty of questions come in regarding sick leave. It can be stress relieving to understand your company’s policy regarding sick leave prior to actually having to use it, after all stress is notorious for boosting illness.

Here are 3 things you should know about sick leave this season:

1. Sick Leave 101. Whether companies offer paid sick leave to their employees is completely up to company policy. Sick leave, or sick pay policies, mean full pay for days when full-time employees call in sick and a pro-rated sick leave schedule for part-time employees.

The facts:

  • According to the Society For Human Resource Management, roughly one-third (34%) of organizations offer paid sick leave plans
  • Paid sick leave for full-time workers became more widespread over the 1992–1993 span, increasing from half of the number of workers in 1992–1993, to about three-fifths of all workers in 2012
  • Some states, like New York, actually require employers to provide paid sick leave

2. Knowledge is power. It is beneficial to everyone for employees to stay informed about their company’s policies. If there is something you are unsure about regarding sick leave, or other policies, seek out information from your HR department or management. If you are the HR representative or management, keep your employees in the know by circulating tidbits of information monthly via email. This can include how to provide evidence to support the reason for a leave, how to request sick leave approval for upcoming medical procedures, and limits on sick leave usage.

3. Stay healthy! Did you know that spending some time stretching as soon as you wake up can pump up your circulation and digestion, as well as ease body aches? Although getting sick is sometimes unavoidable, healthy habits can keep the odds in your favor. Make sure to get plenty of sleep each night, drink lots of water during the day, and stay in tune to what your body is trying to tell you. These quick daily actions can help keep you and your office stay happy and healthy!
When it comes to sick leave remember that policy is key, battle the flu season this year with a well informed mind and office! Want to see how your company’s policies stack up to others? Improve your company by taking our 3 minute Micro Survey about your sick leave policy here.

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