Welcome to Employers Group’ Survey Program! The 2018 Professional & Sales Survey is currently open for participation. This survey collects data on administrative and sales (non-management) positions in the state of California. The survey covers information relative to base salary, salary ranges, and additional compensation and features 84 classifications across 13 functional categories and across 13 geographic areas.


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Customer Support

Need assistance? Whether you need technical support to complete your survey or more information on Employers Group Services, we’re here for you! Call (213) 765-3920 or email surveys@employersgroup.com.


Participation Benefits

Participation in our Survey Program is quick, easy, and affordable. With your participation, you not only get the final published report but dozens of additional benefits and tools like:

Free Job Matching Service: upload your compensation data and we can match your classifications to our titles for you

Comparative Market Analysis: we will provide a customized report comparing your submitted data to the current market

Customized Geographic Report: we will provide a report customized to your geographic area so you can easily find estimated salary ranges for any county, industry, or company size

Full 2017 Survey Set: included with your participation are the most recent copies of annual surveys we produce

QuickComp Survey Database: the QuickComp database is an online compilation of all the surveys in your survey library that you can interactively sort through by survey, functional area, and geographic location

Access to the Comp Solutions Portal: access all of your surveys, customized reports, and tools online 24/7


SmartComp: Discount on Services

An affordable compensation plan – We’re looking for 10 Companies


At Employers Group we look for services that deliver value. As compensation plans are a vital part of a company’s success, we have looked at ways to deliver the services generally needed in a compensation plan, including market position, grades, and ranges, and ways to comply with California’s pay equity requirement. Through SmartComp, EG is now able to offer all of these services – and what’s best, the service is affordable, convenient and fast!

To help introduce this service to members and clients of Employers Group, to the first 10 companies that participate in this survey and provide data for other positions, we are offering a special introductory discount from the regular fees:

Company Size  Regular Cost Special Introductory Offer
10 to 50 Employees $4,200 $2,400
50 to 100 $4,900 $3,100
100 to 250 $6,500 $4,200
More than 250 –  call us for pricing


SmartComp includes:

  • Market Pricing: a comparison of your company’s data to the current market

  • Grades and Ranges: establishment of grades and ranges based on market and job comparability

  • Plan Administration: includes a manual and training on the most common personnel transactions

  • Complies with California’s Pay Equity Guidelines


This is an introductory fee to kick-off SmartComp.  Only the first 10 companies that take part in this year’s Professional and Sales Personnel Survey and data from their other jobs are eligible for the special introductory offer. Certain conditions apply; please call us for more information on SmartComp. Click here for eligibility details.






Q. When does the survey open and close?

A. Technically, the survey is open 365 days a year. You can submit your data at any time via an excel spreadsheet. The survey form is open for a limited time, however, from October 2nd, 2017 to November 30th, 2017.


Q. How can I participate?

A. If you have participated in the Employers Group Survey Program before, your data has been placed in your Comp Solutions Portal where you can make edits. If you are a new participant you can submit your information online, click here to be redirected to our online form where you can upload a spreadsheet or complete the form. 


Q. Can I see a list of the classifications featured in the survey?

A. Sure! Please see the below resources:

  • See the job classifications for this survey here or use our interactive search tool below to find the classification title you need.

  • Download our spreadsheet template for guidance

  • See a sample of the Professional & Sales Compensation Survey

  • See a sample of a customized Comparative Market Analysis

Q. I’m  not sure if my company’s job title matches Employers Group’s, what should I do?

A. We can help with that; introducing our new Job Matching Service! Send in your data and we can take care of all the matching for you at no cost.


Q. How much does it cost to participate?

A. Participation in the survey program is free! The cost to purchase the report varied based on the frequency of participation. Please see the sliding scale below. Previous participants can find their price for purchasing the survey within their Comp Solutions Portal.


  • Member $55 / Non-Member $125 – Participation or purchase of last two surveys

  • Member $129 / Non-Member $225 – Participation or purchase the last survey
  • Member $295 / Non-Member $395 – No participation nor purchase the last two surveys


Q. What other consulting services can Employers Group provide?

A. The Research Services Department has many services to help your company stay in compliance:

  • SmartComp- A brand new online tool that gives companies a cost-effective, turnkey compensation program overhaul for a fraction of the typical price

  • Pay Equity Review – Mandated by state law, our program can help you establish a plan that meets California’s Pay Equity requirements

  • Market Position – Market comparisons can help you determine the strategy you need to keep and attract top talent

  • Grade and Ranges – With our program, you will have market-competitive grades and ranges that meet California’s Pay Equity requirements

  • Online Program Administration – Once in place, our services include online program maintenance support that can help you keep your plan on track for years to come 







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