About Us

Employers Group is the leading source for intelligent business, HR solutions, and employer advocacy, helping thousands of employers across the country- and around the world. Employers Group, Research Services conducts in-depth research across California and national employers, covering HR practices, compensation, benefits, budgets, and trends. Our surveys are designed to help you estimate current labor market rates, analyze human resources practices, and determine what is right for your company. Whether you need data for one job or as part of a formal compensation plan, EG’s comprehensive survey program can help you estimate current labor market rates and practices for your organization.


Compensation Surveys

We are now collecting data for the Information Technology & Engineering Compensation Survey & the Regional Wage (Nonexempt) Compensation Survey, participate via eComp: Online Compensation System

HR Micro Surveys

Make the most of your time with our NEW HR Micro Surveys! At no cost, you can receive data you want, and need, to benchmark your policies. Our HR Micro Surveys are a simple way to submit data for one subject in just minutes! Participate in any of the topics and receive the results free. 

To learn more about Employers Group visit our main page

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